Come Rain or Shine

Come Rain or Shine

April 6th is my grandma's birthday. She used to always tell me I was her favorite grandchild, and that she thought about me everyday. She probably said that to all of her grandkids, but it still made me smile and feel incredibly special.

Staying at my grandmother's was like a big girly sleepover. Before bed, we would pin curl our hair, pull on our slippers and head to the kitchen for ice cream floats. Sometimes she'd let me stay up late and watch Johnny Carson, although I rarely ever made it through the opening credits. In the morning, the sun would dance on the water behind her condo and make the most magnificent animated patterns on her walls. We'd listen to the radio, and when Frank Sinatra would come on, she would tell me about how handsome he was. How sparkling blue his eyes are, just like yours, she would smile. Then she would tell me stories of when she went dancing as a girl, and how after hours of twirling and spinning it was nice to slow down and dance cheek-to-cheek to Come Rain or Shine.

People inherit things like freckles and eye color from their relatives. I like to think that I inherited my grandmother's compassion, taste in music, and her laugh. And her love for ice cream floats.

When my boys were small, I danced cheek-to-cheek with them often and always thought of her. Every now and then, I see a glimmer of her in their sparkling blue eyes. I still think of her often, and wish she could be here to see the influence she had on the woman I have become. 

#loveKrystyn Heide